6 Delicious Ground Beef Party Appetizers for Any Occasion

Have you ever noticed that most prepared or popular appetizers are high in flavor, but also high in carbohydrates, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients? If you are committed to eating a more balanced diet, finding a convenience appetizer can be a challenge.  And many online recipes (although tasty) aren’t really a healthy option.

When you are having family or friends over for a grill out or gathering, and you want to eat healthy, you can innovate protein rich appetizers that are delicious, nutritious and satisfying.  Sometimes all it takes is a new twist on an old favorite, by adding some fresh Florida Raised grass-fed (antibiotic and hormone free) ground beef to your recipe, to create a new family favorite everyone can feel good about.

Our team at Florida Raised went on a search to find some of the best (and healthiest) appetizer recipes.  Like you, we love cooking at home for our loved ones, and we hope you enjoy some of the recipes we suggest, that offer a more nutritious and balanced option (without compromising on flavor).

1.  Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

Most egg rolls come with a vegetable stuffing, which isn’t very filling.  Switch it up by adding a robust cooked ground-beef and sharp cheddar (with a few seasonings) and you have created a very portable appetizers that will go fast!

A few suggestions as you follow this recipe from The Food Charlatan; consider downsizing from the suggested egg roll wrapper to a won ton wrapper instead. Won ton wrappers are smaller, and more suitable to preparing appetizer sized portions.  If you are feeding a crowd, you can produce more finished appetizers per batch. 

Consider preparing a copy-cat Big Mac ‘special sauce’ dip with Thousand Island dressing for your cheeseburger egg rolls.  Both grown-up’s and kids will love it.

Photo by: The Food Charlatan  

Source: Web 2019, TheFoodCharlatan.com

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2. Beef and Black Bean Nachos

In America, the party doesn’t start until the nachos come out.  But for people who are trying to reduce their carbohydrates, it’s a little hard to justify the tasty tortilla chips ‘n dip, when undressed nachos provide no additional nutritional value.

That is easily fixed with some prepared grass-fed Florida Raised ground-beef, and a can (or two) of prepared black beans.  Make sure to rinse the beans thoroughly to remove the grit and any of the packing juice residue (which can taste a little bitter).   Follow the steps in this great recipe from The Chunky Chef, and upgrade your nachos to nutritious!

Source: Web 2019, TheChunkyChef.com


3. Meatball Sliders

Italian meatball sliders (like this recipe from Ree Drummond) are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the varieties of flavors you can create.  Feeling tropical, try this recipe for slow-cooker Hawaiian meatballs and garnish with fresh grilled pineapple!

If you don’t want your guests to fill-up on bread, consider other alternatives like toasted naan or thin slices of pita instead!

Photo by: The Comfort of Cooking           

Source: Web 2019, TheFoodNetwork.com



4. Ground Beef Pizza-Dillas

Quesadillas are a great appetizer too, but this fun spin packs all the great flavors of pizza into a delicious and cheesy finger food that is very kid friendly. Use this recipe for your inspiration, and add cooked Florida Raised grass-fed ground beef to make it a nutritionally balanced pre-meal or game-day snack!

Source: Web 2019, BudgetBytes.com


5. Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like the spicy kick and amazing taste of a great homemade jalapeno popper!  Most stuffing recipes call for the standard 1-2 cheese and seasoning mix, and maybe a little bacon before coating the pepper in batter and deep frying it.

A grilled homemade jalapeno popper is healthier and almost zero carbohydrate, and much easier to make on a hot day when you’d rather be outside on the patio than cooking in the kitchen.  Check out this recipe featuring ground beef as a tasty way to make it a protein rich appetizer that everyone will love.  Start with our 1 lb. package of Florida Raised grass-fed ground beef.

Photo by: All Recipes

Source: Web 2019, Yummly.com

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6. Indian Style Beef Curry and Rice

Chips and dip, tortillas and queso… sometimes you just want a little break from the ‘same old’ kind of party size appetizer bowl that everyone can graze around.  This is a fresh idea if you love the rich exotic flavors of curry and west Indian spices! 

Prepare this recipe for Beef Curry and Rice, and then serve it in a bowl with toasted pita chips.  If you want to create some more flavor, consider making your own pita chips in the oven.  Simply slice the pita into triangles, and then brush with a mixture of olive oil, salt and garlic powder.  Allow the pita chips to cool and add them to a basket or surround the beef curry and rice with your homemade chips.   It’s classy, and a full of really great texture and flavors.

Source: Web 2019, Redbook.com


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Consumers have a lot of power to influence change, and to support our local beef ranching economy that produces billions of dollars of economic value (and millions of jobs) to the state of Florida. Next time you are in the grocery store, try our Florida Raised grass-fed beef.  It’s a fresh and rich flavor, without preservatives, hormones and raised without antibiotics and a healthy choice you’ll feel good about feeding your family.

If you enjoyed our suggestions for healthy, hearty ground-beef appetizers, please share our article or leave us a comment below.  And if you have tried our delicious, fresh Florida Raised grass-fed ground beef, let us know how you used our 1 lb. packages to create a healthy meal at home.